Sunday, 16 December 2012


Button down floral dress

Floral tank dress

Velvet burnout dress

black baby doll dress

velvet burnout lace pattern top

camo tank

lace t-shirt

lace up tank

speckled overalls dress

 checked button up

 polka tank

 red sheer tank

 knotted checked button up

Lace unitard

denim vest

button down skirt


yellow kid's dress

pouffy sleeve baby doll dress

pink checked baby doll dress

white baby doll dress

Hey guys!
I hope you like all the new stuff I found :)
Holy smokes it's going to be Christmas next Tuesday :-O. Christmas is going to suck this year for me. My parents are going away, sisters' will probably spend their time with their boyfriends and I think most of my housemates are going away too. I'll probably end up curling up and watching The Darjeeling Limited a hundred times during the Christmas days.


Anyway, I hope you guys have a great holiday. Good luck with all the alcohol, food and family drama.

The Kinks - Strangers

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