Saturday, 25 August 2012


acid wash denim button up

army school back pack

world series cincinnati reds t-shirt

my favourite - western cactus t-shirt dress

denim shift dress

small denim button up shirt

red floral button up maxi skirt

cream floral mini skirt

green silk/wool tank and patterned pleated shorts

jewjitsu t-shirt

wool and lambskin men's jacket

levi's denim jacket

artsy fartsy sheer button up

high waisted patch skirt

high waisted pink pleated skirt and blue mesh top

sheer polka dot button up

rainbow long sleeve thermal

ruined embroidered denim jacket

sheer polka pink dress

tintin in istanbul t-shirt

black velvet fuzzy long sleeve top

picnic wicker side bag

I'll be uploading all the vintage pieces during this week
in the meantime feel free to visit my etsy store -

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I just had to share these shoes. these shoes man.
these shoes

from lilarts etsy

Monday, 13 August 2012


just finished editing the photos for new stock!
had the most rewarding day on friday. I did some intennnnnse op-shopping and ended up lugging 10kg of clothes home. Dear god that was painful, fingers were bleeding and everything, but it was so bloody worth it! if i could have days like those everyday i would be so friggin pumped! Seriously, I have never found so much stuff in my life. it was a lucky day :-)
anyway, enjoy the photos. I'll be uploading them this week onto my etsy store. I think I'll be uploading 3 items a day (well, I'll try my best).

which one's your favourite?